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  Dongyang wide steel strip co., LTD., established in letter2003Years6Month,Is specializing in the production of various kinds of steel belt heat treatment company.Steel strip by heat treatment65Mn、50#、60#、40Mn、T8A、Stainless iron,Product specification is complete(0.1~3.0*10~350mm).Company's existing heat treatment furnace,Driving,Polishing machine,Trimming machine、Edge roller and other professional equipment,Production reached tens of thousands of tons/Years.
  Companies with advanced surface coloring technology and superb production process,Successfully developed the polishing,Gas shielded pale,Blue,Golden and stainless steel and so on the many kinds of color steel belt,Customers in all parts of the country,Widely used in the system of saw,Clay tablets,The blade,The motor,Automobile clutch,The lock,Shoes,The clock spring,Standard parts and other industries,Steel belt whether straightness,Stability,Yield and superior surface finish all belong to the same level.
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Guangxin common problems
  • Galvanized steel strip are those storage method?
    In the modern production of galvanized steel with more and more applications,Consumers and society, the demand for products is also in increased year by year
  • How to quickly identify the galvanized steel strip quality?
    The strength of the galvanized steel belt, with its good、Corrosion resistance、Excellent formability、Smooth, and many other excellent characteristics,In the construction industry、Industry、The transportation industry、Pipe is widely used in industries
  • How to prevent galvanized steel strip surface hair white?
    Galvanized steel strip in use after a period of time,Often perceive the galvanized layer surface produces a whitish substance,How much these substances will affect the beautiful degree and quality of galvanized steel strip,So we have to know the galvanized layer of white matter is how to produce,And how to avoid these galvanized layer surface pale。